As the “Mother River” of Nanjing, the Qinhuai River is the cradle giving birth to ancient culture of Jinling (Nanjing). Extending five kilometers in total, the inner Qinhuai River has been historically known as “Five-kilometer Qinhuai” as the cream of Qinhuai scenic area. It is an AAAA national tourist area integrating natural sceneries, landscape, gardens, temples, shools, streets, civil residences as well as local customs and habits. With Fuzimiao ancient architectural ensemble as the center and the Five-kilometer Qinhuai River as the axis, it stretches from Dongshuiguan Park in the east to Xishuiguan Park in the west ( present-day Shuixi City-Gate).
          In Fuzimiao-Qinhuai scenic area reputed as “A gorgeous place in the region to the south of the Yangtze River and a venue of elegent Nanjing” as well as “Five-kilometer bead curtain” .…

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